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2020 Range Rover Interior. Brown leather steering wheel.




Get Your Vehicle Looking New Again.

Here at NitPickin Mobile Detailing, we specialize in ultra cleaning vehicles. We are not the run-n-gun style detailers to get 10 cars done in one day. At most, we can detail 1-3 vehicles a day depending on what the customer needs are. Experience the difference with our expert car cleaning services.

Start with our Standard Exterior & Interior detail packages then include the addons your car needs to give it that perfect touch. Whether it just needs our standard cleaning or a deep cleaning, NitPickin has all the options you need! We offer a variety of add-on services, such as, spot & stain removal, odor eliminator, headliner cleaning, carpet cleaning, seat cleaning, ceramic sealant, ceramic coatings, interior coatings, water spot removal, paint swirl removal, paint decontamination and more.

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Build Your Own Detail | Easy Online Booking | Great Customer Service


Build your own exterior detail starting with our Standard Exterior Detail then add things like 6 month ceramic sealant, windshield coating, paint correction etc. We provide a high quality car detailing service and that's what we want you to expect. 

  • Pre-rinse, Pre-soak & Rinse off

  • Spotless Wash Treatment

  • Remove Bugs, Road Tar & Mildew

  • Hand Wash, Spot Free Rinse & Blow Dry

  • 1 Month Ceramic Sealant

  • Detail Wheels, Tires & Wheel Wells

  • Tire Dressing (No Sling)

  • Clean Windows, Windshield & Mirrors (inside & out)

  • If it has been 1 or more months since your last detail, please add the Moderately Dirty Exterior Detail add-on. Upon in-person inspection, we may remove the add-on if its not needed. 


Starting at $99.95



Build your own interior detail starting with our Standard Interior Detail then add extras like interior ceramic coating, shampoo seats, moderately dirty detail, pet hair, etc. We want you to expect high quality results from our car detailing service. 

  • Vacuum Carpets, Under Seats, Seats & Floor Mats

  • Vacuum Door Panels, Dash, Center Console, Vents

  • Vacuum Trunk

  • Full Interior Foam Wipe Down

  • Full Interior Dressing (Oil Free)

  • Clean Windows, Windshield & Mirrors

  • Air Freshener

  • If it has been 1 or more months since your last detail, please add the Moderately or Excessively Dirty Interior Detail add-on. Upon in-person inspection, we may remove the add-on if its not needed. 



Starting at $119.95

Black and white photo of a 2022 Corvette. Female detailers cleaning car wheels.


NitPickin holds true to its name. We are nitpickers by nature. Cracks, crevices, shifters, belt buckles, handles, and everything else gets thoroughly cleaned. Nothing is too small for us to notice. Professional Car Detailing at its finest.


At NitPickin, we believe in creating lasting relationships with our customers by providing them with a high quality car detailing service. We take pride in the impressions we leave behind and it is important to us to be consistent in our quality of work. 

Julia Trenton cleaning corvetter window. Black and white photo.


Experience is essential for properly maintaining a vehicle and performing specific tasks. We know what products & tools to use & how to use them. You finally found a competent detailing company that knows what they're doing.


 Our car detailing service is convenient, saves you time, and gives you peace of mind with professional results. Experience the difference NitPickin.

If you're tired of the run-around detailers who don't show up, do a crappy job, & break stuff, book with us.  We always show up, we do an amazing job every time, and we handle your vehicle as if we own it. 

Vehicle interior after a car detailing service did the job
Tommy Trenton Jr holding a floor mat. Before and after photo of a nasty car floor mat. Sprayway car care products.
Automotive detailing a vehicle seat

Get in touch with us today to see how our car detailing service can best serve you! 

  • How often should I have my car detailed?
    We have once a month, every three months, every six months and even once a year customers. We allow you to build your own detail starting with our Standard Detail packages then you chose the add-ons that you need such as shampoo carpets, 6 months ceramic sealant, etc. For example, if you're a monthly customer, we would suggest doing your carpets every 3 months not every month. Which is why we always start with a Standard Detail and add the extra things as they are needed throughout the year.
  • How much does your car detailing service cost?
    This is a question we get asked often. We start at $90 for our standard exterior and $90 for our standard interior. Price depends on the size of your vehicle, what needs to be done, and your location.
  • What ceramic coating products do you use?
    We are certified & authorized to use Owner's Pride ceramic coating products. We have a 5 and 7 year coating that comes with a warranty that follow the guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission and The Magnuson Moss Act. Whats that Mean? Our warranty is real.
  • Does NitPickin need to use customers water and power?
    No! We provide our own water and power. We use Reverse Osmosis spot free water thats best for washing vehicles in any condition. We aslo have a generator to power all of our power tools. BUT, in certain situations and if it's convenient, we will use a customers power if it's ok with them!
  • Do you have a shop or are you strictly mobile?
    We are completely mobile and we come to you with our mobile shop. We have everything we need to get the job done correctly. Including spot free water, power, two 10x15 canopies, a wheel cart, a fold out table, wheel stool, various power tools, different types of brushes, different types of microfiber towels, cleaners & conditioners, sprayers, applicators, waxes, compounds, polishes, different types of buffing pads, ceramic coatings, graphene coatings, we literally have everything a shop has. The only thing that's different is we come to your location. We do plan on having a shop eventually though.
  • Do you remove mold?
    No, we do not do mold removal nor are we certified to do so. I suggest hiring a CRR Certified Technician for mold removal. Mold is dangerous and can be very challenging to remove. Also, it cost way more than detailing so expect to pay no less than $1000 and as much as $3000 sometimes even more.
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