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Save Big on Our

Ceramic Coating Today

Auburndale & Winter Haven Florida & Surrounding Areas


Get Our 7 Year Warrantied Ceramic Coating For The Same Price as Our 5 Year Warrantied Ceramic Coating From Now Until December 31, 2023.

Call now (863) 999-4299​ or go straight to booking to snag this deal.

What did start at $1500 now starts at $1200

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Our 7 Year Ceramic Coating is the easiest way to keep your car looking its best. Our expert coating boasts a hardness of 9H & is a “SiC aka Silica Carbide” designed to absorb into the vehicle's clear coat paint by several microns. We can confidently say our 7 Year Ceramic Coating is far more durable and will last waaay longer than any wax or polymer sealant on the market. Our amazing 7 Year Ceramic Coating comes with plenty of benefits that make it worth every penny. 

What You Get: 

✔️ You Get NitPickin as Professionals and We Know Our Job Very Well. 

✔️ 7 Year Paint Protection for the Price of 5 Year Paint Protection

✔️ $5000 in Warranty Coverage Instead of $3500 - Zero Binding Stipulations - No Deductible

✔️ Paint Protection from: Bird-Droppings, Insects, UV Rays, & much more

✔️ Shiny Reflective Gloss That's Extremely Hydrophobic

✔️ Never Wax Again + Easier Maintenance

Our Detailed Ceramic Coating Aftercare Guide

Amazing Service + Ongoing Support


In America a real "legal" warranty has to follow the strict guidelines of the Federals Trade Commission & The Magnuson Moss Act. By law we have to provide a sample of our current warranty to the public as proof. You can view our 7 year warranty by


How Does Our 7 Year Warranty Benefit You?

✔️ You Get $5,000 of insured coverage. 

✔️ No Deductible

✔️ Zero Binding Stipulations

✔️ Easy Hassle Free Claim Process

✔️ Nationwide Coverage

 Complete Peace of Mind

✅ Watch The Video Below


ceramic coatings can protect your vehicles paint from  UV rays, weather erosion, acid rain, industrial fallout, bird dro...

Our Ceramic Coating provides maximum protection for a full 7 years!

We are proud to say that we are the only certified and authorized Owner's Pride ceramic installers in the Polk County area.

✔️ Protect your vehicle's paint from
✔️ Acid Rain

✔️ Bird-Droppings

✔️ Tree Sap

✔️ Insect Damage (including love bugs)

✔️ Sun UV Rays

✔️ Hard Water Spots

✔️ De-icing Agents/Road Salt

✔️ Ocean Spray

✔️ Brake Dust/FallOut/Rail Dust

✔️ Paint Overspray

✔️ Fuel Stains & more.




Paint Correction is the process of removing imperfections from the paint such as scratches, swirl marks, oxidation, scuff marks, marring and other blemishes leaving the surface of the paint extremely smooth and shiny. 

Why is Paint Correction So Important Before Ceramic Coating a Vehicle?

The most important step of a Ceramic Coating is the preparation process. The paint needs to be extremely clean and smooth for the Ceramic Coating to properly bond into the surface of your vehicle's clear coat.

What Steps Do We Take To Ensure Your Vehicle is Ready For A Ceramic Coating?

  1. First we foam pre-wash with specific chemicals to remove all loose debris then rinse the vehicle.  

  2. Next we carefully spray it down with a fallout remover, let it sit for a good 10-15 minutes then we lightly hand wash it with our special car soap and then we rinse.

  3. Then we quickly dry the surface and wash it again with a special chemical designed to remove all types of minerals that leave behind water stains, water spots, drips, etc.

  4. Then we thoroughly hand wash the entire vehicle from top to bottom and give it a good rinse.

  5. Then we will inspect every inch of the paint and if it still needs more cleaning, we will give it a clay bar treatment to finish up the cleaning process.

  6. The final step of PAINT CORRECTION is when we get to work using our professional buffers, pads, & compounds to create an extremely smooth and glossy surface.


custom 2020 charger scat pack

Never Wax Again?

It's true, you will never have to wax your car again. Putting wax on top of our ceramic coating is like putting new shingles on your house when it already has new shingles. It just wouldn't make sense. Not to mention our coating is so slick that wax simple wouldn't be able to bond properly. 

Easier Maintenance!

When you hand wash your ceramic coated vehicle, you will be able to noticeably tell just how slick it really is! Our ceramic coating makes it difficult for contaminants to stick to the surface and when they do stick, its becomes much easier to wash away. Hence the easier maintenance. No more scrubbing & scrubbing & scrubbing. Just give it a soft wash and done! 


You Got An Awesome New Coating, Now What?

NitPickin doesn't leave anyone hanging. Part of our job is to educate you on how to properly maintain your ceramic coated vehicle from the very second it's coated all the way to end of its 7th year. Our Aftercare Guide is simple and straightforward. We break down the maintenance process like this:

  • The First 24 Hours

  • The Next 14 Days

  • Every 2-4 Weeks

  • Every 3-4 Months

  • & Every 12 Months

It explains and breaks down the maintenance process as well as recommended products that are safe to use on your ceramic coated vehicle. Once you go through our ceramic aftercare guide you will have a clear understanding of how to properly care for your coated vehicle whether you do it yourself, hire us, or hire a different detail company. 

You Will Get Amazing Service + Ongoing Support

When you get a ceramic coating through NitPickin Detailing, that means you have hired courteous professionals who are highly skilled and educated on all things ceramic coatings. We really care about the impressions we leave behind.

We offer ongoing support to everyone one of our customers. When you are unsure about a new product you want to try, or something is going on with your coating & you have questions, or literally anything pertain to detailing, rest assure NitPickin has your back. Simply reach out to us and we will help you figure it out! 


Getting an Estimate is Fast & Easy

Getting an estimate has never been easier. Our prices are based on vehicle size and location so we will need to know a bit about you and your vehicle;

  • Year, Make, Model & Color

  • Name

  • Address

  • Phone Number

Once you have provided all the necessary information, select the 7 Year Ceramic Coating (w/warranty) to see your custom pricing. You'll notice our 7 year coating is the same price as our 5 year coating. Once you have your estimate you will be able to conveniently schedule yourself with us if you chose to.

This offer ends December 31, 2023 | Bookmark This Page For Later!

To get started, simply click or tap the button below. Or give us a call at (863) 999-4299 for estimates and booking, or with any questions you have!  

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