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Coatings with a warranty

NitPickin is proud to present our professional ceramic coatings to vehicle owners all around our area! For your Paint, Wheels, Headlights and Windows. You can trust our 3, 5, and 7 year ceramic coatings to consistently provide unmatched slickness, protection & gloss that is backed by our industry-leading warranty. 

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We Got You Covered 

With a 3, 5, & 7 year warranty 

Industry Leading Warranty

Raise your standards with our professional ceramic protection warranty.

5 Star Ceramic Coating Near Me. Polk County Florida

It's simple! We have the best warranty in the industry. A warranty we can stand by that gives our customers clear peace of mind. 


Our warranty is suitable for any year vehicle and will cover your vehicle for 3, 5, or 7 years depending on which coating you purchase. 

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Paint, Wheels, & Headlights

3, 5, or 7 years of the highest quality ceramic protection

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Our Ceramic Coating represents a revolutionary advancement in protection. We offer a 3, 5, & 7 year ceramic coating that will enhance gloss while protecting exterior surfaces for up to 7 full years and that's backed by our industry-leading warranty.


Our ceramic coatings are ultra hydrophobic, slicker, and glossier than the original clear coat itself.


NitPickin Ceramic™ Protects against many different elements that are a constant threat to your vehicle's exterior such as.


1. Weather induced fading

2. Weather induced chalking

3. Weather induced loss of gloss

4. Acid rain

5 Bird waste

6. Tree sapp

7. Insect damage (including lovebugs)

8. Sun UV rays

9. Hard water spots

10. Ocean spray

11. Break dust

12. Rail dust

13. Paint overspray

14. Fuel stains

15. and De-icing agents/road salt

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All vehicles require a detailed cleaning before applying our ceramic. We perform a seven-step decontamination process that includes a pre-rinse, pre-soak, hand wash foam bath, second rinse, clay bar treatment, and full wipe down with alcohol.


Paint Correction Options

NitPickin provides high-quality Ceramic Coatings and with that, we provide high-quality Paint Correction. We have 1,2 & 3 step paint correction services. This ensures your vehicle will look its best and the coating will perform as promised.

1 Stage Paint Correction: Ideal for brand new cars. Creates a high gloss finish before coating. We aim to improve the condition of your paint by 50%. 

2 Stage Paint Correction: Helps to remove light to medium scratches and swirls plus creates a high gloss finish before coating. We aim to improve the condition of your paint by 80%. 

We do suggest at least a Stage 1 Paint Correction but if your not concerned with having shinny glossy paint and scratches and swirl marks do not bother you, we will still coat your vehicle. 

What is paint correction, how long does it take, and is it necessary?

Our Cleaning & Coating Process

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Backed by our warranty, our ceramic coating will be professionally installed to your vehicle so that you can have peace of mind that your vehicle will have long lasting protection and look great for as long as you own it. Warranties are transferable and we do submit to Carfax.

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Made in the USA

Our ceramic coatings are made in the USA by OP out of Omaha. Be assured that the premium coating used on your vehicle is the best choice for aesthetics and protection.

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Outstanding Performance

NitPickin Ceramic is the most hydrophobic coating on the market. Its unique chemistry provides an extreme slickness and bonds the ceramic into the vehicle's clear coat by a few microns while adding a hardness of 9H to the surface. This coating makes your vehicle extremely slick..

Why Put Our Ceramic On Your Vehicle?


2010 Camaro SS 6.2L

- Full NitPickin Detail

- 3 Step Paint Correction

- 7 Year Ceramic Coating

This 2010 Camaro got our superior NitPickin Full Detail & paint decontamination, our 3 step paint correction, and our 7 Year Ceramic Coating. The paint was covered with swirls and scratches. This was a full 4-day process from start to finish.  

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Protect Your Investment

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does our coating really last as long as we say? 

Yes, which is why we provide a true warranty with our coatings. Our coatings make your paint glossier, more chemical resistant, and harder than the original clear coat. All of our ceramic coatings come with a 3, 5, or 7 year warranty.

What is the advantage of NitPickin Ceramic over other

ceramic coatings in the industry?

What really sets us apart is our true warranty that's covered by insurance. There are no gimmicks here... Our warranty is very clear and easy to understand not to mention we report to carfax. Plus we are NitPickin, we don't cut corners, we nitpickem. 

Do I need a special car-wash soap after NitPickin Ceramic is applied?

No special washing, soap, or shampoo is required. You can use any car wash soap! Never use anything other than soaps made for washing vehicles. 

Can I wax my ceramic coated vehicle?

You can if you want. BUT It really doesn't make sense. Applying car wax or polymers on top of a ceramic coating is kind of like paying Chip Foose several thousand dollars to design a bitchin paint job and then having it sprayed for an additional $20K, only to throw a vinyl wrap on top. 

We suggest using a Ceramic Spray Sealant. We suggest Ceramic sprays from Owners Pride or Chemical Guys. They both have chats just tell them what you need!

When can I wash my vehicle for the first time after the coating is applied?

It is recommended that you do not wash your vehicle for 7 days after our ceramic coating has been applied. 

How often should I wash my coated vehicle?

You should wash your vehicle once a week, or every two weeks to one month depending on how much it's driven and where it's parked or you can use our car detailing service to handle it for you. Realistically, washing routines are the same whether you have a coating or not.

Can you apply your ceramic coating to my windows, wheels and headlights?

Yes we can! We can apply our ceramic coating to just about anything on your vehicle. It can also be applied to lawnmowers, ATVs, side-by-sides, dirtbikes, boats, motorcycles, helmets, bicycles, sunglass lenses, you name it we can coat it. I even coated my Nikon D810 DSLR camera. 

Do you have any other questions?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We are more than happy to assist you. You can visit our contact page here or give us a call at (863) 999-4299

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Great news! We report to carfax!

When you purchase a coating from us, it will hold its value. You will be able to view your vehicle and its coating on carfax and so will any one who is looking to purchase your vehicle.