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Ultimate Vehicle Appearance Protection

Full Coverage Warranty 

Ceramic Coatings


Americas #1 Ceramic Coating Brand

Brought to you by NitPickin

75+ Coatings 

We have installed over 75 professional ceramic coatings in the last 2 years right here in Polk County.

125+ 5 Stars

We have over 125, 5 star reviews between Google & Facebook. The people have spoken & they are happy!

550+ Customers

We have served over 550 customers with a 76% rebook rate since March 2018. Wow those are good stats.

5 & 7 Year Coatings

We offer 5 & 7 year Ceramic Coatings both with full coverage warranties and CARFAX registration.

Starting at $1075 - 10% off

Call now to get an estimate, ask questions or book a ceramic coating with us!

Our warranty protects your pockets & your vehicles appearance. To view a sample of our warranty CLICK HERE

Limited time offer.

10% off using promocode 


Call now to get an estimate, ask questions or book a ceramic coating with us! Leave a message if we are busy, we will call you back within 24 hours!

Paint Protection Against

  • Weather Induced Fading

  • Loss of Gloss

  • Insect Damage - Including Love Bugs

  • Acid Rain

  • Tree Sapp

  • Brake Dust

  • Paint Overspray

  • Bird Waste

  • Sun UV Rays

  • Hard Water Spots

Extremely Shiny Paint

Our Ceramic Coatings Come With High Quality Paint Correction!

What You Get With a

NitPickin Ceramic Coating

  • High Quality Service

  • Long Lasting Paint Protection

  • Full Coverage Warranty

  • CARFAX Registration

  • Higher Resale Value

  • Extremely Shiny Paint

  • Easier Washing Maintenance

  • A Professional Detailing Resource

  • Full Service Detailing, Any Time Any Where! 

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