Short Bio


     Hey there I'm happy to see you here. My name is Tommy Trenton Jr owner of NitPickin Mobile Detailing. Most of you may not know this but aside from NitPickin I am also a music producer. I started producing music back when I was 17 years old to help me escape the tough world I lived in. Music has since been a major part of my life just about every day and has continued to bring more and more positivity into my life. I almost consider it to be a sort of medicine because it has helped me fight depression, anger, ptsd, and anxiety.

     Music has gifted me confidence and has opened the doors to so many amazing opportunities and experiences in my life. I can't say I owe my life to music but I can say music is my life yet If it wasn't for music I would not be where I am today. I love the simple saying, "music is life". Anyways, I greatly appreciate you being here. I truly hope you enjoy the music I bring to the table and like myself, I hope you can overcome your flaws, fears, and setbacks through the music I publish. It was all created with love and positivity.  

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Tommy Trenton Jr


For those of you who are into all the tech side of things, I wrote this section for you. If you're anything like myself, the technical/equipment/software side of things is probably the most inspiring part of being a music producer aside from life itself. So I just want to share with you some of my experience with all the things I use to create music. Trust me it ain't shit lol but holy hell has it developed into part of who I am as a professional and as a person. 

The gear we incorporate into our product really does make all the difference regardless of what people say. Yes, nowadays you can create music with software, mouse and keyboard. Personally thats only a fraction of the fun for me.

The base of my home studio and any studio these days is the production computer. I built a custom PC around music production and graphic design. I have around $5500 into it and ima tell ya right now its money well invested. I won't get into the specs of it but just now I have zero setbacks during the creation process of producing music, graphics or video. The computer is the muscle behind any digital studio and needs to be able to handle what you expect out of it. Simply put, I wouldn't spend any less than $2500 on a production computerto start out with. 

Monitors & Monitors

I didn't always have studio monitors. In the beginning, I didn't even know what a studio monitor was. I use to use some Pioneer speaker towers hooked up to a Yamaha receiver lol Ey no shame I did what I had to do. I actually still feel like I'm just getting by with, "I'm doing what I gotta do". 

Currently, I run with a pair of KRK 6's and a pair of Monoprice 8's. Both are budget speakers but they get the job done. I don't feel the direct need for top-shelf speakers until I have a studio building built for sound optimization. So for now my budget speakers are perfect. I also have a studio subwoofer which I believe is a 100% must-have in any home studio.


Computer screens/monitors? Aw man I need two of those to feel normal. I can't possibly function without two screens. Shoot I want 3 screens but I'm currently limited in space. Both of mine are 27" 1920x1080 60Hz HP screens. I don't suggest anything less than 27's or anything bigger than 32's for up-close viewing. 


Studio Headphones

Studio headphones are just another piece of gear that I love. They are a must-have and you must have the right ones for what you're doing. If you're recording vocals or instruments through a microphone, use closed-back headphones. If your mixing or mastering, use open-back headphones. Since mixing and mastering can obviously be a very time-consuming task, it's best to use open-back headphones to help reduce ear fatigue over long periods of time. 

I own two pairs both are nice enough and provide different sound frequency ranges. I personally do not have open-back headphones because I use monitors more so but maybe I will buy someone day! I won't spend any less than $300 on a pair of open-back studio monitor headphones.  

Right my headphones are the Audio-Technica ATH-M50's and the Sony MDR-7506's I also use Turtle Beach Elite and JBL headphones now and then to listen and check sound just as a reference from different size and shaped speakers. 

Rack Gear

Aw man this is another place you can spend a ton of money. My small rack is built on an ok budget though. On top I have the Furman M-8Dx power conditioner and surge protector that I have everything in my studio connected to.

In the middle, I have the Presonus Studio 192 interface which is the gateway to connect speakers and instruments directly to my computer. The Studio 192 is a beast of a machine and I highly suggest it to anyone who runs multiple sets of speakers, headphones, instruments and microphones. The only thing it lacks is connecting aux effects but it does have built-in effects! I run Studio 192 right along with Studio One 5 Professional. I also highly recommend Studio One professional to any and everyone. 


On the bottom of my rack, there's a Behringer Virtualizer 3D Model FX2000. It's basically an all-in-one tool with many presets to use that can also be adjusted to my liking. The sound is actually surprising for the price I paid. The FX2000 is a budget piece for sure but it certainly gets the job done for now. I also have a secondary interface that I use for random stuff. Its the M-Audio FastTrack that you see on the shelf. 



I have always been a fan of Akai Professional when it comes to Keys & Pads. Ive been using Akai for many years now. In the picture to the left is the Akai MPC Touch. This was gifted to me by an unknown person out of Italy. One day a package was delivered and this was inside. Blew my fuckin mind. Anyways this was used to create several of the songs from the "Its The Instrumentality Vol1 Album". 

I also have the Akai MPK249 and the MPK Mini. I use both all the time and both have helped me in the creative process more times than I can count. The touchpads on the MPK are nice but the MPC touchpads are superior to all. 

When it comes to playing these instruments, I am not considered to be on a pro-level. I'm more of a studio player on a novice level because I dont spend allll my time learning just keyboard and pads. 

I learn what I need to know to complete a song then I move on. I never practice my songs. I still don't know how that makes me feel but I do know that's what separates me from being a professional. 

I have recently picked up an electric guitar as well which you can also hear me playing in several of the tracks from my new album. I'm known to be a music video producer, photographer, and graphic designer on top of all music production and I have tried to disperse time as evenly as I can into each of the things I practice. Id say as others do, I have become pretty well rounded. Yet I feel I am nowhere near as good as I want to be. 

The Microphones

I find microphones fascinating. How they can capture a sound and deliver it through a wire and into a device is fuckin mesmerising to me. I have two microphones at the moment. One is the MXL Genesis and the other is the Behringer B1. The MXL is a tube mic that can produce a punchy sound. It really does sound amazing if you know how to use it. 

The B1 is literally a 20 something-year-old mic that literally only cost $80 still to this day but holy hell it sounds pretty damn good. The MXL sounds better but almost only because it sounds different if that makes sense. Hands down if I had to chose one over the other id pick the MXL. The B1 is perfect for a desk! Both are condenser mics. 

The Booth

The other photo is of my booth. Man Ima tells ya right now this booth is the most solid booth I have seen in person. I spared no expense when building this booth and its airtight except for the exhaust fans. It provides a nice dead sound and keeps almost all outside sound from interrupting a recording. Kids can be running through the house right next to it and be as loud as they want and the mic barely and I mean barely picks it up. I have it double wrapped in -6db rubber, sound barier walls with air space between them, dense studio foam on the inside walls, bass blocker ceiling pads, padded shag rug on the floor, and 4 inch pyramid pads on the door. Too top that off the entire booth is floating on 18 rubber U-Boats that are fixed to the 2x4 wood frame it stands on!


Electric Guitar

The Squier Jazzmaster made by Fender. This Guitar is sweet I'm tellin you right now. The sound it produces reminds me of some 60's jazz or some BB King blues. It features Dual Squier SQR ceramic humbucking pickups with active electronics. Honestly, I don't know shit about pickups but I did some research and these are nice! The entirety of this guitar is actually pretty nice right out of the box. I have to say I am proud of my first electric guitar. I started playing around May of 2020. I don't feel the need to say how good I am or how good I want to be. I just say that I love it and you be the judge when you hear it in my music. I will grow with my guitar and that is something I look forward to!

I am seriously considering buying an electric bass guitar next. I have no idea which one or even how to pick one out lol. I'll get to it eventually once I feel the undeniable desire to have one. 

Software & Plugins

I'm not providing photos on this topic because it would take up the entire internet if I did lol. So with that being said, I will just list my favorite software and plugins that I use the most. 

Studio DAW's: Studio One 5 Professional, Reason 9.5, Fl Studio Producer, MPC Software

VST Plugin Brands: Izotope, Waves, Presonus, CableGuys, Output 

VSTi Plugins: TrackGod, MiniGrand, Spitfire Original Strings and Brass, Velvet, VacuumPro, Presonus Impact

Now of course there is waaay more to it than just what I have listed. Some of these VST's go so in-depth with sound design it makes my brain hurt lol. Those are just my favorites up there I own way more. I also have hundreds of thousands of sounds packs, drum samples, one-shots, vinyl rips, melodies, patterns, and soooo much more than I want to explain lol Everything is paid for and nothing is stolen, cracked, or pirated. I own everything! 



That about wraps it up. If you read all the way down here, it's a possibility that you are a study junkie and may or may not have a serious condition called music addiction. Either way, my heart is with you and I appreciate the time it took you to look into the depths of this page!