Long ago, as a 23 year old young man, Tommy started his first Automotive Detailing Company called Tom's Mobile Detailing. Customers were rolling in. But they always had one complaint. That he took to long and that he would nitpick to much. Tommy was just trying to do more than what was expected. He eventually gave up the detailing business to venture into something else he loved. Video & audio production as well as graphic design & photography. In which he still does to this day

Over the years, Tommy always joked around and said he would start a new Automotive Detailing business and call it "NitPickin" of course aiming at the people who would actually complain about his nitpicking tendencies. Well over time this idea began to grow and grow in his mind. Until one day, Tommy realized it was actually a great idea. Tommy began to come up with many ideas for branding, marketing and tons of research was done on the detailing industry itself then it wasn't long before his ideas began to form into full-on projects. After talking with plenty of people about their experience with other local detail companies, many would say the detailers they've hired in the past never really did a professional job and would cut corners all to often.

That's when our motto was born. "We Don't Cut Corners, We NitPickem". That is when the idea of NitPickin was no longer just an idea and it became an actual goal. Tommy's characteristics as an entrepreneur are what make him stand out as a person. He is different in ways that really set him apart amongst his peers. After months of planning and researching other detailing companies, Tommy began to build a professional custom mobile detailing workshop equipped with everything needed for any serious detailing job.

Now NitPickin has an image established and is trusted by many. NitPickin spares no time and is not scared to outdo anyone in the industry with high-quality NitPickin detailing and customer service "Written by Lisa Smoak" CEO of BECVUE. 2-21-2018

The NitPickin Team
Tommy Trenton Jr

Owner & Professional Detailer


I'm a creative hard working highly motivated individual with a healthy work ethic. My wife is my partner and we have 4 children together. I also do Photography, Video Production, Graphic Design and a little Music Production! I'm also a professional Audio Visual Technician!

Julia Trenton

Co-Owner & Professional Detailer


I'm a self driven hard working mother and business owner! I enjoy being independent and taking care of our business behind the scenes as well as in the field. I'm also a life couch/personal development couch for any and all who want to better them selves!

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