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NitPickin business statistics & fun facts. Who are we? Why detailing? How long have you been in business? Do you guys do anything else aside from detailing? 

NitPickin was born on March 1st of 2018

Plans to expand? Yes

Who owns NitPickin?

Tommy & Julia Trenton

NitPickin was born on March 1st of 2018

Tommy & Julia Married? Yes, since April 10 2010!

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712 Customers!

NitPickin has had a whopping 712 customers since March 1st, 2018. All without spending a dollar on ads or approaching a single person.

Longest Customer?

Torie & Mike! We first met them on Dec 29th of 2018 and have since detailed their vehicle every 2 weeks. So far that's 86 details as of May 5th, 2022

Self Sign Up %

74% of our customers create their own estimates and book their own appointments right from our website! The other 26% call us with questions. That is awesome!

Cusromer Rebook %

We currently have a 74.6 to 64.5% rebook rate. This fluctuates throughout the year as the season's change and we get our 6-month and yearly customers in! 74.6% is incredible!

Start Up Cost?

NitPickin cost $12,500 to launch. That includes everything, ready to hit the road, in uniform, looking good, the website launched, Google My Business verified, completely legal & ready for business. 

Most Expensive Tool?

Aside from our trailer, our most expensive tool is the Chief Steamer 100! This thing totaled out at $1400. We use it to super clean cracks and crevices, panels, carpets, seats, etc It's worth every penny and it still works perfectly to this day! 

Longest Detail, 1 Car?

Our longest detail was a 3 stage paint correction and ceramic coating on a black 2010 Camaro SS that took

3-1/2  days. It turned out amazing and the customer was blown away!

Craziest Item Found?

The craziest item we have found in a vehicle was under the seat. It was a 14k gold ring with large diamonds embedded in it. We showed the customer, he said oh idk who's ring that is, you can have it! I still have that ring today!

Highest Paid Skill?

Our highest paid skill is easily paint correction. With so many different buffers, pads, compounds, vehicle paints, vehicle conditions, and different vehicle shapes and sizes, no vehicle is the same. Becoming a professional paint correction specialist hasn't happened overnight. It comes with experience. The experience we have and are still gaining.

NitPickin Business Statistics &

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Tommy Trenton Jr

Strengths & Qualities?

Tommy's unmatched work ethic is how NitPickin is even possible. He's very innovative, sharp with branding and marketing, and talented with graphic design, web design, and web development. He's creative with music production and video production as well. Great with customer relations & customer service. Has the ability to fit in anywhere. Self-motivated and motivating to others. Funny but serious when needed. 

Why Detailing?

"Tommy" I chose detailing because for me it just feels natural. Not just the detailing side of things but the actual building/growing of this business. After researching detailing businesses in my area I realized there is a wide-open market for professional high-quality detailing, paint correction, and ceramic coatings. I'm not just building a business, I'm building a brand. I'm also actively growing my skills in web design & development, photography, branding, marketing, business management, customer relations, customer service, and so much more. Some would call it hard work but I enjoy it so it barely feels like hard work. Although I do work hard ; ) I enjoy being in control of every move NitPickin makes. The bottom line is I chose Detailing because everything I know how to do ties itself up around the idea of owning and growing a detailing business. Plus I like detailing! 

Are you friendly with other detailers?

We are most certainly friendly with other detailers. We don't consider other detailing businesses in our area as competitors more than we consider them as our colleagues. We have no problem sharing information, ideas, strategies, tips, or anything else. Whatever it may be, our main goal is to play our part in helping build a thriving professional detailing industry. Detailers are welcome to contact us for any reason!  

Does NitPickin Participate in Events?

Yes we do! You can find us setup every first Friday of the month in Downtown Lakeland. Once we have more events rolling there will be an event calendar to follow! Until then come check us out on First Fridays!

Tommy's favorite thing to do in Detailing?

By far, Paint Correction & Ceramic Coatings. There is nothing more satisfying than making a vehicle's paint gleam like never before while knowing it will be protected for many years with the best vehicle paint protection on the market!