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Average Car Detailing Prices in the Polk County Area

This is a quick simple read! So you want to know what the average price is for automotive detailing in Polk County Florida? Perfect, you're in the right place. The research done to determine the average price was conducted from the top 10 most popular detailing businesses in Polk County. On Google, I discovered 61 Mobile Detailing businesses with an 863 area code in Polk County. I thoroughly looked in to each and every one of them.


The top 10 qualified detailing businesses had to have: - 30 or more 5 star ratings

- An average of at least 4.8 star rating - Unique google reviews written by their customers.

- A website with pricing available

- A clean, easy to navigate, informative, professional looking website. I will be honest, I only found 2 impressive/professional looking detailing websites out of the 61 I looked through.

- Must have recent posts on Facebook or Google to show they are currently active.

I will break it down into these 3 categories: - Average price for a Full Exterior Detail - Average Price for a Full Interior Detail - Most expensive price for a Full Exterior Detail - Most expensive price for a Full Interior Detail Average price for a Full Exterior Detail is $213 Average Price for a Full Interior Detail is $233 Most expensive price for a Full Exterior Detail is $350

Most expensive price for a Full Interior Detail is $400 The only purpose of this article is to provide the average prices for auto detailing in Polk County. I searched through 61 detailing businesses on Google in order to find just 10 of what I would consider to be Polk Counties Top 10 Detailing Businesses. If they had a website, I searched through it to view the structure, copywriting, prices, photos, branding, and more. If they had one, I also looked through their Facebook profiles & Google listings to see if these businesses have been active and what they post about.

Out of the 61 detailing businesses, I made a list of 15 that I thought qualified for this study. I read many of reviews for each of the 15 business to help me determine who I would pick for the top 10. Once I had my top 10 detailing businesses, I created a spread sheet and listed all of the full detail prices for exterior and interior. Then I calculated the average for both exterior & interior to come up with the results above. After doing so much research, I must be honest at first glance, I'm not very impressed at this point with any of the detailing businesses in this area except one. Only one truly caught my eye. They were very impressive with their super nice, easy to navigate, informative website, fast easy quotes & online booking. They also had a lot of great reviews on Google. As for the rest? I had to settle with, its the Polk County average Detailing business we are conducting research on here. I feel Polk County really needs to step it up in terms of building a detailing business in 2022. I feel 99% of them are 10 and even 15 years behind where the Industry actually is today. Don't even get me started on the $30 a month membership detail shop franchises popping up every where.

Anyhow, I hope you found this information useful and thanks for reading!


How many Detailing Businesses are located in Polk County Florida? I found 61 detailing businesses with the 863 area code on google search.

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