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Bug Xtract Bug Remover, Safe for Coatings!

Safe For Ceramic Coating, Glassparency Bug Xtract Bug Remover Discount Code
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When it comes to keeping your vehicle spotless and clean, nothing can be more cumbersome removing bugs, bird droppings, and tree sap. The Bug Xtract Bug Remover is a game-changer in this dreaded car owners dilemma. It's not just any bug remover; it's a safe and effective solution even for vehicles with protective coatings.

During the warmer seasons, countless vehicles are riddled with deceased insects clinging to their windshields, front bumpers & side mirrors. Neglecting to remove these carcasses for an extended period can lead to permanent damage to your vehicle's paint.

NitPickin Detailing's Secret Weapon

Let's uncover why NitPickin chooses Bug Xtract Bug Remover as their weapon of choice. This isn't just about cleaning; it's about maintaining a vehicle's pristine condition, especially after investing in a protective coating.

Unleash the cleaning power of GlassParency's Bug Xtract Bug Remover, expertly crafted to blast through baked-on insects and dehydrated bird droppings. With its specialized formula, this bug remover ensures that even the toughest of build-ups are effortlessly stripped away, without the slightest harm to your vehicle's paint or coated surface.

NitPickin Mobile Detailing stands by GlassParency's Bug Xtract because:

• It's safe to use on ceramic and graphene coated surfaces

• Its effectiveness cuts down on cleaning time and makes removing bugs, mild tree sap and bird droppings easier than ever

• Safe for multiple surfaces including paint, glass, plastic, trim, vinyl, & coated surfaces

As professionals, we know that the right product can make all the difference, and Bug Xtract is one of those products. There are no other cleaners that can amount to the effectiveness and versatility of Bug Xtract Bug Remover.

How To Use Bug Xtract Bug Remover

Bug Xtract is specially formulated to break down organic matter with ease.

• Before getting started, be sure the vehicle surface is cool to the touch.

• Apply by spraying directly onto the affected area and let stand for 30 seconds to allow Bug Xtract Bug Remover to break down organic matter.

• Rinse with pressurized water and repeat as needed. For stubborn bug splatter, bird droppings, or tree sap lightly agitate with a non-abrasive towel (paint safe microfiber towel) towel or Viking Mesh Bug Sponge from amazon.

Bug Xtract Bug Remover is dilutable with water up to a 3:1 ratio!

Glassparency Bug Xtract Bug Remover is Safe For Ceramic & Graphene Coatings, Use Discount Code...

Special Savings with NitPickin's Exclusive Discount Code

As fellow car enthusiasts and experts in delivering supreme detailing services, NitPickin has partnered with Glassparency to offer an exclusive deal. By using the discount code NITPICKIN15, not only do you get your hands on this incredible bug remover, but you also score a sweet 15% off regular price.

Here's how you can leverage this offer:

- Shop for Bug Xtract Bug Remover online at Use this code any time for all GP products 

- Enter the exclusive discount code NITPICKIN15 at checkout

- Enjoy the instant savings and look forward to a cleaner, more radiant vehicle

This partnership underscores the commitment to providing value and quality to the detailing community.

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