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female detailing a black range rover with NitPickin Mobile Detailing in Lakeland Florida
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Experience superior car detailing in Lakeland, Florida with NitPickin Mobile Detailing. 


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washing a red plymouth valiant in direct sunlight

Easy & Hassle Free Car  Detailing

At NitPickin, we understand the importance of keeping your vehicle in peak condition and visually appealing.

Easy & Hassle-Free Auto Detailing Services

At NitPickin, we understand the importance of keeping your vehicle in peak condition and visually appealing.

Top Reasons To Have YourVehicle Detailed Regularly:

  • Frequently cleaning the interior and exterior of your vehicle helps to keep germs and allergens from accumulating.

  • Having a clean vehicle not only boosts your image, but also your moral.

  • Maintaining your car's highest possible resale value depends on keeping it in like-new condition throughout your ownership.

  • Maintaining your car's cleanliness on a regular basis will help reduce the damage caused by everyday use.

  • If you have a lease, keeping your car clean and up to date with regular detailing can help you avoid any fees when you return it.

Give us a call today to see how our car detailing service can best serve you! 

Exterior Ceramic Coatings

We have 5 & 7-year ceramic coatings. This includes a full paint decontamination, our popular paint correction and one of our amazing ceramic coatings! We also provide legal warranties and CARFAX reports.

The Ultimate Protection

Vehicle paint with water beads
Vehicle paint wit ceramic coating
Owners Pride 7 year ceramic coating-Vehicle paint with water beads
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Mobile Detailing Trailer-Florida
We Come to You

We come to you where ever you are! We bring our fully loaded mobile detail shop to you! Spot free water, power, canopies, tables, wheel carts, stools, tools and more! 

Cadilac Wheel-pavers
1st Time Customer?

If you're a first time customer with NitPickin, use discount code FIRSTTIMER10 when you create an estimate for a generous 10% off all services including Ceramic Coatings

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Are You a DIY Person?

Maintain your vehicle like the professionals and shop at for all your professional detailing chemicals. Raise your standards with us.

Professional Detailing

We offer professional exterior & interior detailing services that will fit your needs and your schedule. Plus we allow you to build your own detail starting with the Standard Exterior or Interior Detail.

Build Your Own Detail

Vehicle Interior
Julia Trenton performing carpet extraction

Paint Correction

NitPickin's paint correction is a perfect way to bring your vehicle's paint back to life and make it shine! We aim for 50% to 85% paint improvement for smoothness, shine & luster.

Quality Paint Enhancement

Lexus Car
Tommy Trenton Jr performing paint correction on an SUV
Scratch & siwlr removal paint correction

NitPickin | Our Scratch & Swirl Removal service removes imperfections and restores your vehicle's paint to a deep glossy wet-look. Our process involves washing, claying, buffing, and sealing the paint to give you a deep glossy wet-look finish.

Interior spot & stain removal car detailing service

NitPickin | Our Interior Spot & Stain Removal service is the best way to keep your car looking like new! Our specially techniques cleans seats, carpets, mats, doors, dash, console, and headliners. Guaranteed to remove some of the toughest stains.

Odor mildew eliminator interior car detailing service

NitPickin | "Eliminate interior odors caused from mildew, tobacco, food, milk, mold, pets & more with our state of the art Odor Eliminator Service. Our highly specialized products provide fast, effective results!"

hard water spots on vehicle paint

NitPickin | Our Water Spot Removal services will remove water spots from paint and windows. If your vehicle's riddled with water spots, if there's etching from water spots, we can use paint correction techniques to restore the paint.

vehicle steering wheel

NitPickin | Our Interior Dressing/Protection makes your interior look fresh and clean with no oily residue left behind. We offer standard interior dressing/protection as well as a 5 year Interior Ceramic Coating.

top windshield coatings in polk city florida

NitPickin | Our Windshield Coating will improve visibility while driving in the rain. It also stays cleaner longer. Our Windshield coating makes cleaning a breeze helping to prevent things like bugs from sticking to the surface. 

Specializing in Auto Detailing Since 2018

Our experience and training offers the highest quality car detailing service Lakeland FL. 

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Interior Ceramic Coatings

Protect your vehicles interior from Food Stains, Beverage Stains, Bleaches, Dyes, Fading, Discoloring, Sun UV Rays, Mold & Mildew, Rips & Tears and so much more. Yes, this comes with our amazing warranty!

The Ultimate Protection

Vehicle Interior-Mercedes-Benz
Owners Pride Interior Ceramic Coating
Owners Pride Interior ceramic coating-Vehicle Interior-Detailing Product-interior detailing
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