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Auto Posting App For GMB , Facebook, Instagram & More

Auto posting to Google My Business and Social Media | For GMB, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Tiktok & More
Auto Posting App For Detailers | Social Media Made Easy

Be more efficient with posting to your social media accounts using this handy app called OneUp. With this auto posting app you can conveniently schedule posts to Facebook, Google My Business, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tiktok, Youtube & more.

Have you ever wondered how other businesses are so on top of their social media pages? One, two and even three posts a day per social media account? Sheesh seems like a lot to keep up with doesn't it. Well OneUp is a great tool that helps you put posting on auto pilot for as long as you need. I own NitPickin Mobile Detailing where I have Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram & Tiktok accounts. OneUp keeps my feeds current all the time. Where this doesn't eliminate all of the work such as creating the actual posts, it does allow you to preplan auto post and put them on repeat for whatever time frame you need. Could be once a week, once a month, could be on the first monday or the second monday and so on at any specific time of day you set.

OneUp Auto Posting App To Post To Your Google My Business

How We Use OneUp On Our Google My Business

As you probably know, you can create posts for your GMB as offers with coupon codes and call to action buttons, you can also post services with images, and more.

Using OneUp makes it possible to auto post your offers and delete them once they expire then repost them automatically. This is exceptionally great because Google will notice that your business listing is constantly active on a regular basis.

Customer will never see an old post or offer because they automatically get deleted and reposts during whatever time frame you set. Here is the calendar view:

Sample view of the OneUp calendar
The OneUp Calendar

Notice that you can see my GMB, FB, and IG accounts that I have connected to OneUp. I have only my GMB account selected. I just click a day on the calendar, fill out the information and create my post. I use the standard GMB image aspect ratio of 4:3 that I create in Photoshop. Videos and GIF's can also be used. View the screens shot to see what building a post looks like:

Sample View of Creating a GMB Post Description
Sample View of Creating a GMB Post Description

Sample View of Creating a GMB Post Description
Sample View of Creating a GMB Post Description

This is so easy to do and once you hqave it done you just set it to auto post and delete it self once a week or how ever often you want. This consistently keeps your GMB fresh with new posts all the time!


  • The ideal description length for Google posts is between 150-300 character's.

  • Image ratio should be 4:3

  • We have a posting rhythm of one per day, each post last one week then it auto deletes and auto reposts once a week. We have this set to happen continuously until we turn it off.

  • When creating offers, use promo codes that make sense. If you do not yet have promo/discount codes, I suggest you look into adding this feature to your business. It's a great marketing tool.

OneUp Auto Posting App To Post To Your Facebook Business Page