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Is Detail Bookie Worth It?

Updated: May 21, 2023

Is Detail Bookie worth paying for? Is Detail Bookie the best CRM for detailing businesses?
Is Detail Bookie Worth It?

NitPickin's honest thoughts on whether or not Detail Bookie is worth it.

If you own a car detailing business, in this day and age having an innovative software platform that is revolutionizing the way car detailing business owners manage their business should be a priority. The question is, is that Detail Bookie? Is Detail Bookie worth it?

Detail Bookie has many features but this post is not all about the features. Let's get down to business and discuss whether or Detail Bookie is valuable.

Breaking Down the Value of Detail Bookie

Your Car Detailing Manager (Employee): 8 Hours Per Day - 40 Hours Per Week - $44,160 Per Year

Imagine having a full-time employee and consider how much you have to pay that person. Let's say we pay the detail shop manager $23 per hour, 40 hours a week, $3680 per month, which is $44,160 per year. Keep in mind, this person only works 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and roughly 240 days a year not including holidays, vacation, sick time, etc. Before health insurance, benefits etc this employee cost you $44,160 per year.

Detail Bookie (CRM Software) - 24 Hours Per Day - 168 Hours a Week - 365 Days a Year - $576 Per Year

Now imagine having a full-time employee 24 hours a day, 168 Hours a Week, 365 days a year, with no need for holidays off, vacations, health insurance, workers comp, no sick days, no showing up late, and perfect communication. Imagine the perfect employee, Detail Bookie for just $576 per year.

Okay, I get it. You are thinking well someone has to run the software right? You are right. Well sort of lol Someone has to set up the back office and manage Detail Bookie. This can be done anywhere on any device. So think of Detail Bookie in this frame of mind. Bookie can run itself, and you can run Bookie. Bookie is your MVP that you can work with side by side that never argues, that's never late coming back from lunch and continues to work when you clock out. Imagine having a manager who works all day every day all year around.

Detail Bookie is a full-time employee 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Picture this, our business hours are from 8 am - 6 pm. So we set Detail Bookie to stop notifying our phones of new estimates or new scheduled jobs during our closed hours. Now imagine waking up on a Sunday morning at 8 am, to your phone going off with new estimates and jobs scheduled overnight by new and or old customers... Using Detail Bookie gives opportunities to grow whether you are a mobile detailer or have a detail shop.

Do you know what that feels like yet? Waking up on a Sunday morning to 3 or 4 thousand dollars worth the jobs booked overnight while you were sleeping. I'm here to tell ya that makes for a fantastic Sunday! This happens all the time though not just over Saturday nights. It can happen any time, any day, no matter where you are or what you are doing. Now try doing that with just one human employee and without Detail Bookie to help you manage things. It would be impossible.

Detail Bookie has been one of our most valuable assets. Let me elaborate a little bit with you and crunch some numbers just for fun.

There are two ways we give out estimates and book jobs.

  • One way is by the customer calling and we create their profile, build an estimate and book the job for them. That's called the back office in the image below.

  • The other way is they are on our website where they will navigate to our estimates & booking page, create their own profile, build their own estimate and schedule their own job. That's called self signup in the image below.

On average, 77% of our customers go through our Detail Bookie to create their own profiles, build their own estimates, and book their own jobs. Detail Bookie is taking 77% of the load off our shoulders, during the day, at night and on weekends when it comes to talking, texting, and emailing with customers about prices, and estimates and scheduling them for a car detail. That is a HUGE deal. Talk about a time saver! Here is a screenshot of NitPickin's current "customer" self-signup and back-office signup percentages. Detail Bookie has some other great analytical features as well!

Detail bookie back office analytics
Detail Bookie Analytics

I mean wow look at this month, a WHOPPING 83% of customers handle their own profiles, created their own estimates and booked their own appointments. The same goes for last month and pretty much all months since we got rolling with Detail Bookie back in 2020. Bookie has a lot of analytic car detailing information that will accumulate over time.

Is Allowing Customers to Book Appointments on Their Own a Good or BAD Idea

Before we started using Detail Bookie we were pretty damn nervous about allowing customers to book appointments on their own. The last thing we want is to allow customers to control our schedule. I mean who would? But I knew I needed to make this happen one way or another.

Well, guess what, we not only made it happen but we still have full control. Within Detail Bookie we set our hours, we set our work days, we can block days, create holiday days, we literally have full control and actually, it's safe to say that we have even more control than before. Once we started using Detail Bookie, we began to run a much tighter ship. Is allowing customers to book appointments on their own a good idea or a bad idea?

For us, it turned out to be a GREAT idea. Detail Bookie is the best detailing app available for this very reason but you have to have everything set up properly for it to work this way. You can't just have Bookie and think, okay let r rip. You have to have the right car detailing information available for your customers to have a smooth estimate & booking process.

Setting Detail Bookie Up on Your Website to Give Control to Customers

Setting up your website to allow customers control of their estimates & scheduling is super simple. Below are some screenshots of our website and how we have it set up! For your own viewing experience, I will attach NitPickin links so you can browse our website and see how we are set up with Detail Bookie.

NitPickin Mobile Detailing Home Page
NitPickin Mobile Detailing Home Page

This is our home page. The top right corner has a sign in button that will take you to the login page on our Detail Bookie site.

The other button takes you to our Estimates | Booking page. HOME PAGE Try the buttons if you want.

Detail Bookie | NitPickin Mobile Detailing Setup
NitPickin Mobile Detailing Estimate | Booking Page

This is our Estimates | Booking Page. When you tap or click the Create New Profile button it takes you to our Detail Bookie new profile page where you create a new profile. The other button takes you to the Sign In Page if you already have an account.

Benefits of Creating a Detail Bookie Profile
Benefits of Creating a Detail Bookie Profile

We provide information about the benefits of creating a profile with NitPickin Mobile Detailing. It's important to provide this information so they know exactly what it means to create a profile and its purpose of it.

Standard Exterior Detail Price
Standard Exterior Detail

Standard Interior Detail Price
Standard Interior Detail

NitPickin's Estimates | Booking page also lets them know the basic nature of our detailing packages. This is key to keeping the customers at ease when using Detail Bookie by themselves. You need to simplify the estimate-creating process.

The goal is to minimize confusion & to keep it very straightforward.

Instead of having the typical three different level exterior and interior packages which is a total of 6 different packages, we only have one exterior detail package and one interior detail package. We call them the Standard Exterior Detail & the Standard Interior Detail. Both have add-ons to build up to a Full NitPickin Detail. Look at the screenshot below to see what it looks like.

Standard Car Detail Check List & Prices
Standard Detail Check List & Prices

I'm not saying that our way is the only way or the right way or even the best way, I'm only talking about how we have Detail Bookie set up as an example because it has worked very well for us.

Remember, an average of 77% of our NitPickin Mobile Detailing customers handle their accounts without contacting us. That is because we have our car detailing website and our Detail Bookie software set up to function this way. This free's up a remarkable amount of time, makes you more money and satisfies your customers.

Is it best for Small, Medium or Large Car Detailing Businesses?

Easy, Detail Bookie is for all-size car detailing businesses whether it's small, medium or large. It's great for the mobile guys and the shop guys whether you have 1 truck or 10 trucks, one detail bay or 10 detail bays. In my opinion Detail Bookie is a Million Dollar idea that can work for all car detailing businesses.

It doesn't matter if you are just starting out or if you have been in the car detailing business for one year or ten years, the Detail Bookie platform is the best detailing app available today that is built by detailers for detailers.

After Using Detail Bookie for Some Time

Using Detail Bookie regularly will teach you to think about your business differently and more thoroughly. How many 4-door trucks have you done this year? Right, you don't know. How many jobs have you done for a specific customer and how much have they spent with you since their first appointment? I bet you have no clue. Try keeping track of all the very important analytical information without Detail Bookie.

Detail Bookie Analytics

If analytics are not important to you then growing your business is not important to you. If you don't know your business inside and out you will eventually hit a brick wall and stop growing or you may just completely fail from making un-informed decisions because you had no analytical information to go off of.

Using Detail Bookie, You can very easily gather up all the car detailing information that your business accumulates over time to help you make important business decisions and target areas of your business that need attention. I swear Detail Bookie is the best detailing app especially if you are serious about your car detailing business and your goal is to run a tight ship and grow.

Detail Bookie Pricing

Detail Bookie is priceless. But you can subscribe for $68 per month or pay $48 per month if you purchase a full year. It's very affordable for any size detailing business. Matter of fact, if you can't afford $68 a month, you are not ready for business yet plain and simple.

Is Detail Bookie Worth It | Final Summary

To answer the question, is Detail Bookie worth it? That's a HUGE yes for us. While I was writing this blog post, three different customers booked their own appointments. This created $3912.56 more revenue while I was busy doing something else. It happens all the time. Worth it, yes it will always be worth it. Orbisx vs Urable? Nah, I dont feel like it. Even though they are both awesome and have a lot to offer, Detail Bookie is the best choice for NitPickin Mobile Detailing!

You can contact Detail Bookie by visiting their website. I hope you found this post informing and inspiring. Now go grow your detailing business and have fun doing it!

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