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Ceramic Coating Prices in Polk County FL

Updated: May 7, 2023

Ceramic Coating Prices in Polk County FL
Ceramic Coating Prices in Polk County FL

This is a quick and simple read! So you want to know what the average starting at price is for a professional ceramic coating in Polk County Florida? Perfect, you're in the right place. The research done to determine the average price was conducted from collecting data from what I consider to be the top 10 detailing businesses in Polk County.


The top 10 qualified detailing businesses had to have: - must have professional ceramic coating services available - 40 or more 5 star ratings

- An average of at least 4.8 star rating - Unique google reviews written by their customers

- A website with pricing available

- Must have recent posts on Facebook, IG, TikTok or Google to show they are currently active.

Ceramic Coating Prices in Polk County FL: Instead of typing out all the stats I gathered for 3 year, 5 year and 7+ year ceramic coatings, here is a screenshot of the spreadsheet I made. You will notice there are columns that say Legal Warranty and Paint Correction. Depending on if their ceramic coating comes with a warranty and or paint correction, it will say yes or no. N/A means not applicable or not available.

Ceramic Coating Prices in Polk County FL

NitPickin was included in this research because I had a difficult time finding 10 qualified detailing companies for this study so to make it an even 10 detailing companies, I included NitPickin.

Final Conclusion: Just like detailing prices can vary, so can ceramic coating prices. There are several things a customer may want to consider when looking for a ceramic coating. - Your Budget

- Your Expectations

- is Legal Warranty Provided

- is Professional Paint Correction - Can the detailer show proof of certification for ceramic coating installs or are they at least a registered installer through their coating supplier? Ask them and find out. Professional grade coating products can not be bought by the consumer public. As you can see in the spreadsheet above, there are a pretty wide range of prices for car ceramic coatings and there are various reasons as to why. Some come with paint correction and some do not. Paint correction alone is a skill learned over time and is respected within the detailing industry as a professional skill. Which is why it can be so expensive because not just anybody can do it. Some detailers have a legal warranty and some do not. In this case, only one out of ten provides a legal warranty where the rest do not.

Here are few stats to consider for the 863 area: - 1 Out of 10 provide a full legal warranty

- 5 out of 10 provide professional paint correction

You have to make 4 decisions when considering who to hire for your vehicles ceramic coating. 1. How much are you willing to spend? 2. Do you care whether or not your vehicle becomes extremely shiny from professional paint correction? 3. Do you care about having a legitimate warranty that covers both you and your vehicle? 4. Do you care whether or not the detailing company is certified/qualified/authorized to install professional grade ceramic coatings?

The purpose of this post is to educate the consumer public about our local car ceramic coating price and services.

I hope this post was useful and informing! If you thought so, help inform the community around you and share it with your friends or detailer.


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