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Discover The Best Drying Towel

This high-grade, ultra-absorbent plush drying towel significantly reduces the time it takes to dry your vehicle while ensuring a streak-free finish. Simply place it on the vehicle and softly drag it over the damp areas to achieve a spotless surface. This will be the best drying towel you've ever had.

Discover the best car drying towel and use discount code for 15% off today.
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Introducing The Best Drying Towel | Twist Loop Drying Towel 1200 GSM

✔️ Size: 40" x 20" (grab 2 for larger vehicles)

✔️ GSM: 1200

✔️ Edge Type: Premium Sown Edge

✔️ Faces: Double-Sided ✔️ Scratch Free ✔️ Streak Free

✔️ Lint Free

Primary Uses:

  • Exterior Drying (safe for all surfaces) Paint, Plastic, Glass, Chrome, etc

  • Mobile & Shop Detailing

  • At-Home Detailing

  • Great for drying, Cars, Trucks, SUV's, Vans, Boats, Motorcycles, & more

This really is the Best Drying Towel and truly will make drying your vehicle faster and easier than ever. Say goodbye to shamies and hello Twist Loop Drying Towel 1200 GSM. One of the best drying towels on the market at an affordable price!

Twist Loop Drying Towel. Premium quality, super absorbent, plus drying towel. Use Discount code NITPICKIN15 at

Where Can I Buy This Drying Towel? GlassParency | Discount Code

You can get your hands on this professional grade drying towel for 15% off using Discount Code NITPICKIN15 at As a proud partner of GlassParency, NitPickin Mobile Detailing is thrilled to provide access to high-quality automotive care products at reduced prices across the GlassParency website available to everyone throughout the entire year!

Pro Car Washing & Car Drying Tips

• Try not to wash your vehicle in direct sunlight

Washing in direct sunlight can cause hard water damage on your vehicles glass & painted surfaces. To help avoid water spotting, wash in sections and then use the Twist Loop Drying Towel to quickly dry the area before moving on to the next section.

Use a quick detailer spray

like GlassParency's Boost Multi-Use Sealant to protect your vehicles exterior surfaces. Applying this sealant is super easy and will leave an ultra hydrophobic & protective layer on your vehicles exterior surfaces for as long as 6 months. NitPickin is Here to Help

As professionals in the detailing industry, we are always here to help you make better decisions when it comes to taking care of your vehicles! Feel free to text or call us at 863-999-4299 with any questions about detailing or to schedule an appointment. For added convenience, you can also visit our website for estimates and scheduling

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