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Car Wash Foam Cannons Read First

Updated: May 7, 2023

Are you looking to buy a foam cannon for your pressure washer so you can foam the heck out of your vehicle with your favorite car soap? This Car Wash Foam Cannons Read First blog will reveal the truth and relieve you from all the confusion. Unless you're made of money and could care less about paying 3, 4 or even 9 times more, you might want to read this before purchasing a foam cannon!

First things first, I have owned several foam cannons for my pressure washer with different price ranges. They all do the same exact thing. I have owned a $90 foam cannon from Detail King and Chemical Guys. I have also owned two $10, $20, and so on foam cannons that I bought off Amazon. They all did the exact same thing. But find out which one I liked more than the others!

Below you will see some images comparing the expensive verses the least expensive from Chemical Guys, 3D and a few other brands that are not as known.

Car Wash Foam Cannons Read First
Car Wash Foam Cannons | Price Compare

First and foremost, The price ranges are ridiculous In this line up and there is only one foam cannon that actually shows what's inside the nozzle and how its put together. Can you guess which one that is? Before I show you, Id like to pick at this a little more starting with the $11 Sanol and the Chemical Guys EQP_310 TORQ. They look slightly different yes. I have had both and used both until they no longer worked. Key being, they quit working and the metal tongues inside rusted out and were no longer adjustable. I through them away. I wish I had photos 😣 but that was before I started blogging. Anyways, I had both at the same time and they both worked exactly the same and the both lasted about as long.

Moving on to the other three foam canons. I have also owned and used all three of these foam cannons. Before I continue, I will say that the bigger nozzle foam cannons seem to be made much better than the other smaller Sanol & the EQP_310 cannon.

Okay, the truth is, all three, the Astro AI, the 3D Ultra Blast, and the Big Mouth perform very well. Literally exactly the same and they are all three build very well. The 3D and Big Mouth have the exact same brass build. Literally Identical inside and out. Just different color plastic. Forget the bottles they hardly matter. Well actually chemical guys bottles are terrible they break easily lol but that's besides the point. Now throw the Astro Ai in there.

The Astro is the only foam cannon in this line up that actually shows you what's under the hood. See for yourself. I call this transparency. I trust transparency.

Car Wash Foam Cannons Read First
Best Foam Canon

Ill just be far. Astro Ai , 3D and the Big Mouth all perform exactly the same to the T and do exactly the same damn thing and they all seem to be very well built. BUT the Astro is only $23. After using the Astro for a while the 3D and the Big Mouth just sat around collecting dust, I gave the 3D and Big Mouth away to local detailers that Id run into. I will never indorse that kind of markup on products. $25 verses $50 ok fine. But $23 verses $90? LMFAO that's ridiculous. It just feels wrong. It is wrong. Corporate greed. Got to love white labeling mixed with greed!

My Top Pick is clearly the Astro Ai. Hands down it's the best Foam Cannon, the best price, and the most transparent. Of course I suggest doing your own research, maybe even conduct your own experiments! Either way, Astro is my top pick. Want to learn what foam cannons should be used for to get the best results? Great! They should be used with one or two or both types of presoaks. If your curious about presoaks, follow THIS LINK to learn more! And don't forget to share this stuff with others who could use this information.

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Foam canon comparisons.

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