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How To Easily Clean Dirty Vehicle Carpet

Updated: May 22, 2023

Learn How To Clean Dirty Vehicle Carpet Using Just One Product and a microfiber towel.
How To Clean Dirty Vehicle Carpet

Have you ever wondered how to effectively clean your car's dirty carpet to get rid of those dirt stains, drink spills or strange lingering odors? Here you will learn how to easily clean dirty vehicle carpet

Cleaning your carpet can seem a bit overwhelming if you have no clue how to do it or what to use. I have one simple solution and just a few steps to get the job done!

How to clean dirty vehicle carpets
Cleaning Vehicle Carpet

Things you will need to easily clean your vehicles carpet - 2 rows

  1. A Vacuum

  2. One pair of gloves.

  3. At least 2 cans of Sprayway Bio Enzymatic Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner.

  4. One spray bottle with tap water in it.

  5. 4 microfiber towels: Spectrum 420

  6. Carpet Brush: Adam's Cockpit Detailing Brush

Follow These Very Simple Steps on how to easily clean dirty vehicle carpet

  • Thoroughly vacuum the carpet removing all loose debris.

  • Spray the carpet with water until damp but not saturated.

  • Take a can of Sprayway Bio Enzymatic Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner, hold the can up about 12 inches and completely cover the carpet with foam. This stuff will help break down stains and remove dirt from the carpet.

  • Let sit until the foam appears to be almost gone, usually about 10 minutes.

  • Next, take a clean microfiber towel and spray it with water until it's damp but not saturated.

  • In a circular motion, begin lightly scrubbing the carpet switching sides as the towel gets dirty. Do this for several minutes.

  • Use multiple towels if needed.

  • Repeat this process as needed.

Follow the same instructions for cleaning your vehicle's cloth seats!


  • Make sure you have enough cleaner, Sprayway Bio Enzymatic Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner. Two cans

  • After foaming, try lightly scrubbing the carpet with a carpet brush, then let sit for 10 minutes.

  • Only use a cleaner with a solution specifically made for cleaning vehicle carpets such as Sprayway Bio Enzymatic Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner.

  • Always read the instructions when using a cleaner you are not familiar with. Cleaning your carpet is the goal, damaging your carpet is not.

  • If the carpet is heavily stained, try putting a damp towel over the foamed area and let it sit for a longer period, 15-20 minutes is ideal.

Now you know how to clean dirty vehicle carpets using Sprayway Bio Enzymatic Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner. It's the best ideal choice for cleaning dirty vehicle carpets. Bio Enzymatic is formulated with a unique blend of enzymes, surfactants, and solvents that quickly break down dirt and stains to leave vehicle carpets looking and smelling like new.

What Not To Do

  • Don't use dish soap. Dish soap is often concentrated and can become very soapy leaving lots of residue behind. Which means a bigger mess.

  • Scrubbing too hard is a no-no. Some carpets can begin to fray when scrubbed too hard causing them to look worse.

  • Do not try cleaning carpets using any type of chemical that might dye or bleach your carpet.

  • Do not mix cleaning solution s that may cause bodily injury or that create harmful vapors. It is best to use chemicals specific to the job.

  • Do not use laundry detergent. Like dish soap, laundry detergent may leave behind a soapy residue.

  • Don't use vinegar to clean your dirty carpets. BUT vinegar can help break down salt say from the beach or if you live up north and deal with road salt.

For Super Dirty Carpet or Heavily Stained Areas | Use a Carpet Extractor

If your carpet has some heavy spills or deep stains that did not come out after following the steps above, a carpet extractor can be used with a biozyme cleaning solution to effectively remove most stains. No matter what, even if the stain is still slightly visible, your carpet will be clean and any odors that were present should be gone.

Using a carpet extractor to clean seats
Seat Extraction

Try Carpet Dye If Stains Are Still Visible

If a stained area is still visible after thoroughly cleaning it, you can look into buying a carpet dye kit that matches the color of your vehicle's carpet. This will recolor your carpet hiding that ugly stain. The carpet must be as clean as possible and dry before applying any type of carpet dye. Just remember to follow the instructions.

Hire a Professional Detailer To Clean Your Dirty Vehicle Carpets

Cleaning your carpets properly can be a daunting task without the right tools, proper cleaner "s"/chemicals and the know-how. Plus it can be time-consuming. Hop on Google and contact a local professional detailer near you that has good ratings. A professional detailer knows how to easily clean dirty vehicle carpet and can remove stains by using the right cleaning solution leaving your vehicle's carpet cleaner than ever before.

Closing Statement

I hope you found this post educating and informative! As always, have a great day now get those carpets clean enough to eat off of! If you live in the Polk County Florida are and need your vehicles carpet cleaned, contact NitPickin Mobile Detailing today!


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